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Azra Naqvi’s Remarkable Journey: A Global Citizen in the Realm of Literature and Service

Azra Naqvi, an eminent Urdu poet and short story writer associated with the Rekhta Foundation, has woven a rich tapestry of experiences from her diverse upbringing, and despite spending nearly 30 years abroad, her formative years in India left an indelible mark on her worldview.

Cherished Memories from North Delhi

Recalling her days in Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi, Azra fondly reminisces about the exemplary communal harmony she witnessed. Her connection with Hindu neighbors and shared traditions reflect the unity that defined India’s late 50s, 60s, and 70s.

A Glimpse into Azra’s Liberal Upbringing

Azra shares vivid anecdotes of her liberal upbringing, where curiosity led her Hindu friends to observe her grandfather’s Namaz rituals. This cultural exchange fostered an enduring appreciation for diverse religious practices.

Shaping Personality in Aligarh: A Foundation Laid

Azra attributes her persona’s shaping to her childhood in Aligarh, where her father’s association with Jamia Millia Islamia played a pivotal role. Attending Abdullah Girls High School, one of the earliest schools for Muslim girls in India, laid the foundation for her educational journey.

Empowering South Asian Women in Canada

Having traversed continents, Azra’s stint in Canada was marked by a commitment to empowering South Asian women. The establishment of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre (SAWCC) stands as a testament to her dedication. Azra was critical in fostering cultural understanding, language skills, and tax literacy among the community.

Theatrical Ventures and Global Connections

Azra’s involvement in the theatre group Teesri Duniya showcased her passion for the arts and global issues. From staging Urdu plays to addressing the Bhopal Gas tragedy and Palestine, her cultural contributions transcended borders.

Present Pursuits: A Literary Maestro’s Ongoing Legacy

At 70, Azra continues her literary pursuits, working on a Hindi-Urdu-English online dictionary for the Rekhta Foundation. Her journey remains a testament to the transformative power of literature and community service, bridging gaps across cultures and continents.

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