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A Journey Through Habeeb Mullick & Son’s Antique Legacy  

Walking into Habeeb Mullick & Son, an antique business held by a Kashmiri family since 1870 and currently housed in Chowrasta Mall of Darjeeling, is like walking into a spellbinding universe of history and artistry. This remarkable enterprise is not simply a shop but a treasure trove of ancient treasures, each with its compelling narrative.  

A Glance into Darjeeling’s Antique Haven 

Exploring Habeeb Mullick & Son is a fantastic experience, complete with a broad collection of historical curios neatly exhibited. The store has a fascinating array of relics, from elaborately carved brass idols to Tibetan gods. Among the treasures are healing semi-precious stone bracelets, rudraksha beads from the Himalayas, and elegant camel seats carved from wood and metal.  

The Struggle Through Famine and Fortune 

The tradition of Habeeb Mullick & Son stretches back to a period of struggle and grit. During the famine in Kashmir, Habeeb Mullick went on a risky trek to seek food for his family. Travelling over 463 kilometres to Amritsar, he endured obstacles but got assistance from his kind family, who supported him in journeying to Darjeeling. The trek was challenging, but his tenacity led to success as his Kashmiri woollen patkas acquired appeal among British Army commanders.  

Habeeb Mullick & Son: A Timeless Legacy 

Habeeb Mullick created a booming commerce in Darjeeling through dedication and entrepreneurial skill. Passing the heritage to his son Ahmed Mullick, the family’s name became associated with excellence and tradition. Today, Habeeb Mullick & Son remains a testimony to legacy and artistry, looking at the rich cultural tapestry of Darjeeling’s past.  

In essence, Habeeb Mullick & Son’s path represents the tenacity of a family throughout hardship, ending in a legacy of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.  

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