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Sani Yasneen’s Bookstore: Books Priced by the Kilo

In the sphere of bookshops, the custom has always been to acquire books at their assigned price. However, the tale took a new turn when Sani Yasmeen, a bright young entrepreneur from Srinagar, chose to bridge the gap between high-priced books and accessibility for the average public. This innovative notion started a new age when books were priced equivalent to a Kilo of a commodity, making them accessible and within reach for everyone. At the core of this revolutionary bookshop sits Sani Yasneen’s concept, hidden in the busy Lal Chowk district, offering a range of cherished titles at unparalleled rates. 

Sani Yasneen’s Bookstore Journey: Where Books Priced by the Kilo   

Meet Sani Yasneen, the genius behind this bookshop that has sparked the embers of literary love throughout the Kashmiri community. His mission? To develop a culture of passionate reading and intellectual curiosity among Kashmir’s young. Drawing influence from great writers like Bernard Russell, Foucault, and Frantz Fanon, Sani’s bookshop offers a varied selection of philosophical publications, catching the attention of residents and interested visitors who wonder at the depth of intellectual engagement in Kashmir.  

Books in Book Store (Photos by DNN24)

The reaction to Sani’s initiative has been very favourable, with the community embracing the notion entirely. Now a lively cluster of literary fans, the shop sells books catering to all likes and inclinations, enabling inclusion across diverse socioeconomic strata. Philosophy is a public favourite, demonstrating Kashmir’s intense enthusiasm for intellectual conversation and contemplative reading.  

Creating Accessible Literary Spaces: Sani Yasneen’s Store Philosophy 

Over the last six to seven years, Sani has observed a developing interest in philosophical and Sufi literature, coming straight from the UK. The bookshop features a large selection, from fiction and non-fiction to children’s tales, Urdu literature, Islamic materials, and more. What sets this organisation apart is its focus on affordability, giving discounts of up to 15-20% on various genres and making great reading material accessible to everybody. 

Sani Yasneen in his Book Shop- Best Seller (Photos by DNN24)

The symbiotic link between self-help books and Islamic studies is also significant. Visitors frequently start with motivating texts, eventually migrating to explore the rich tapestry of Islamic literature. Sani’s project democratises book access and supports a progressive reading trajectory, encouraging readers to discover new genres and extend their intellectual horizons.  

Nurturing a Flourishing Reading Culture: Support Sani Yasneen’s Vision 

The bookstore’s success is measured in sales and the societal transformation it has sparked. It has become a refuge for book enthusiasts, delivering a treasure trove of literary jewels that would otherwise be monetarily overwhelming. For a modest Rs. 500, readers may obtain books worth multiples of that amount, making great reading an accessible treat.  

Collection of Books (Photos by DNN24)

Experience the delight of buying books by weight at Sani Yasneen’s shop, a monument to his persistent passion for fostering reading and intellectual curiosity. Join hands in supporting Sani’s vision and be a part of developing a flourishing reading culture in Kashmir. 

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