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Preserving Our Culinary Heritage: The Art of Handmade Seviyans

For ages, our culinary tradition has been firmly woven into the core of our culture, generating a distinct culinary legacy for cities and towns. The beauty of Hyderabadi food rests not just in its taste but also in the complicated traditions and historical tales that maintain it. Among these cooking gems is Seviyans, a beloved item deeply rooted in Indian events and adored for its cultural importance.

A Tradition Fading Away

Despite the picturesque landscapes and the long-standing tradition of Seviyan manufacturing, the art of handcrafting Seviyans is slowly fading. While some families stubbornly retain this custom, many have moved to mechanical ways for efficiency. The labour-intensive nature of handmade Seviyan manufacture, demanding strength and accuracy, dissuades newer generations from continuing this ancient vocation.

Challenges and Joys of Seviyan Crafting

Razia Begum and Anwar Khan, veterans in the Seviyan handicraft community, shed light on the hardships and delights of their profession. Razia Begum stresses the difficult but gratifying process of handcrafting Seviyans, a work of love that starts months before Ramzan. Anwar Khan shares this opinion, noting the irreplaceable quality of handmade Seviyans, emphasiszing their distinct taste and cultural worth.

Celebrating the Richness of Handcrafted Seviyans

Anwar Khan’s family tradition, firmly steeped in providing Seviyans to the Nizam’s royal kitchens, gives a sense of grandeur to their handiwork. Their use of salt during the dough-kneading process raises Seviyans to a level of culinary brilliance, highlighting the rich combination of tastes and traditions in each strand.

As Eid approaches, Afzalganj and Begumbazaar’s bustling markets pulse with handmade and machine-made Seviyans. While the ease of machine manufacture is clear, Anwar Khan and others strongly believe that the rich taste of handmade Seviyans is incomparable, protecting a history that transcends decades.

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