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Arisha Sheikh: A Beacon of Sattriya Dance from Assam 

At the tender age of 3, during a cultural program on Prag Channel on August 15, 2009, Arisha Sheikh showcased her dancing talent. Her parents, recognizing her passion, enrolled her for Bharatanatyam training under Padma Shri Indira PP Bora when she was just 5. By 7, Arisha had also started learning Sattriya dance at Nartan Kala Niketan, under the guidance of Sangeet Natak Akademi award winners Guru Ramkrishna Talukdar and his wife, Guru Rumi Talukdar. Her dedication to dance led her to achieve a B-Grade Certificate in Sattriya Dance from Doordarshan Kendra, captivating audiences across India and even performing at the Round Square International Conference 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. 

A Commitment to Tradition 

Despite her young age, Arisha Sheikh has a profound respect for the traditional aspects of Sattriya dance. In an interview, she expressed her vision to popularize Sattriya globally without compromising its authenticity. She emphasizes the importance of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, criticizing the trend of individuals claiming the title of ‘Guru’ without proper understanding or qualifications. Arisha believes in the continuous journey of learning and aims to delve into the origins and intricacies of Sattriya dance to educate future generations. 

Recognition and Multifaceted Talent 

Arisha, the youngest daughter of Arman Sheikh and Anjuma Sheikh from Guwahati, has not only excelled in Sattriya and Bharatanatyam but also in Bihu dance and acting. Her skills in Western dance and a pre-foundation level certification in the PDCP program by The Dance Works further showcase her versatility. She has been honored with awards like ‘Mou Kunwari’ for her Bihu dance, the Royal Global School’s Telegraph Award in 2021, and the Future Face Award of IIDF Guwahati for her contributions to dance. 

Arisha Sheikh’s journey is a testament to her passion for dance and her commitment to preserving the purity of the Sattriya tradition. As she continues to inspire with her talent and dedication, Arisha stands as a role model for young dancers everywhere, proving that art knows no boundaries.  

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