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Awaz The Voice Lauded for Bridging Arab-Indian Cultural Ties at JNU Conference 

A two-day international conference on ‘Modern Saudi Literature’ organized by the Center for Arab and African Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, brought together over 50 researchers, academicians, experts, and enthusiasts from India and various Arab countries. The event provided a platform to explore and discuss different aspects of modern Saudi Arabian literature, including its national identity, social and political themes, the influence of media and technology, women’s representation, and children’s literature. 

Appreciating Awaz The Voice’s Pioneering Efforts 

During the inaugural session, Professor Dr Rizwan Rahman, Director of the Center for Arab and African Studies, commended the Arabic news portal ‘Awaz The Voice’ for its cooperation in organizing the conference. The speakers appreciated the efforts of Awaz The Voice’s Editor-in-Chief, Atir Khan, and his team for their presence and contributions. Rizwan praised Awaz The Voice Arabic as the first comprehensive Arabic news website of its kind in India, acknowledging its impact quickly. 

Al-Sharif Muhammad Radhi Naja, Professor at Northern Frontier University in Saudi Arabia, delivered a keynote address on the current state of modern Arabic literature in poetry and prose in the Kingdom. 

Strengthening Ties and Promoting Awareness 

Atir Khan emphasized the long-standing Indian-Arab relations that have existed since pre-Islamic times, underscoring the strong ties in various fields. He also highlighted Awaz the Voice’s position as India’s best Arabic-language news website. 

The conference brought together dignitaries, including the Deputy Saudi Ambassador to India, Zadi Nayef Al-Raqqas, JNU’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Deependra Nath Das, and representatives from various colleges and universities across India. 

Through this conference, researchers and academicians from India and other Arab countries had the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in modern Saudi Arabian literature, raising Awareness about its importance in the contemporary era and promoting the growth of Saudi writers. 

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