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Bastion Cricket Academy: Cultivating Young Talent in Kashmir Valley

Bastion Cricket Academy is an exceptional initiative dedicated to developing and nurturing young cricketing talent in the Kashmir Valley. Bastion Cricket Academy aims to bridge the gap between regional and national cricketing standards. It has become a top-tier institution for budding cricketers. With state-of-the-art facilities, expert coaching staff, and a comprehensive training program, the academy has already produced several promising young players. The academy aims to provide a platform for talented young cricketers from the valley to showcase their skills and fulfil their potential, contributing significantly to the national cricketing landscape.

Bowling Practise (Photos by DNN24)


Haroon Khan, a former cricketer, had always dreamed of opening a cricket academy in his hometown. After completing his sports management education, he turned his passion into a profession and started the Bastion Cricket Academy in 2017. The academy’s primary goal is to train and produce talented cricketers from the valley who can represent the state nationally and make a name for themselves in the sport.

During Practice Session (Photos by DNN24)

Training Programs:

The Bastion Cricket Academy offers various training programs for young kids, even those below ten, who are interested in the sport. The academy’s expert coaches and trainers provide personalized training sessions to each student, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. The academy’s curriculum includes physical fitness, mental toughness, and technical skills, covering all aspects of the game, including batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping.

Youths are practicing (Photos by DNN24)


The academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a well-equipped indoor training center, a full-sized cricket ground, and modern equipment. The academy also accommodates outstation students, ensuring a comfortable stay during their training.


Since its inception, the Bastion Cricket Academy has made significant progress in nurturing young talent from the valley. The academy has produced players who’ve represented the state and made it to senior teams. Its success has encouraged others in the valley to pursue cricket and their aspirations.

Net Practise (Photos by DNN24)


Bastion Cricket Academy is an inspiring model for youth development. It offers top-notch training and facilities to nurture budding cricketers in the valley. With community and government backing, the academy aims to produce national-level players.

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