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Harnessing Renewable Energy: Mufferah Majeed’s Revolutionary Solar-Powered Boat Project

Mufferah Majeed Khuroo, a dedicated undergraduate student from North Kashmir’s Baramulla district, is building a solar panel and steam-powered boat. LG Manoj Sinha has recognized her innovative project on his show ‘Awaam Ki Awaaz.’

The Inspiration Behind the Project

Passionate about Physics, Mufferah Majeed dreams of using renewable energy for a remarkable creation. Inspired by her commitment to combat climate change, she designed a boat powered by sunlight and steam.

The Solar Boat’s Design and Development

At her small workshop in Sopore, Mufferah worked diligently with an unwavering dedication to create a rough model of the solar-powered boat. The boat’s design incorporates advanced solar panels that efficiently harness sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. Additionally, a steam-powered propulsion system was ingeniously integrated, providing an eco-friendly alternative for water travel.

Advantages of the Solar Boat

Mufferah’s solar-powered boat offers several critical advantages over conventional watercraft:

  1. Sustainability: The boat significantly reduces its carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy sources like sunlight and steam, making it an environmentally friendly transportation option.
  2. Efficiency: The advanced solar panels and steam engine work together synergistically to provide a reliable and efficient mode of travel, ensuring that the boat can easily traverse the water body.
  3. Promoting Green Development: The project aligns with the goals of promoting green development, setting an example for others to adopt eco-friendly technologies.
  4. Capacity and Versatility: Mufferah’s innovative thinking extends to the boat’s capacity, planning to build a solar-powered ship capable of carrying up to four people simultaneously.

Impact on Sustainable Development

Mufferah’s commitment to her project has the potential to profoundly impact the path toward achieving sustainable development in the region. By demonstrating the viability of renewable energy-powered transportation, her efforts pave the way for similar initiatives and inspire others to explore eco-friendly alternatives.

Seeking Financial Support for the Dream

As Mufferah strives to turn her vision into a reality, she faces the challenge of securing financial support for further developing and constructing her solar-powered boat. The success of her project heavily relies on the collaboration of various stakeholders, including the Baramulla education department and district administration.

Call to Action

In conclusion, Mufferah Majeed Khuroo’s dedication to creating a solar-powered boat that harnesses renewable energy power is commendable and inspiring. The project exemplifies the positive impact that young innovators can have on sustainable development and combating climate change.

We call upon individuals, organizations, and government bodies to rally behind Mufferah’s innovative project. By providing financial support and encouragement, we can contribute to a greener future and realize Mufferah’s dream. This eco-friendly solar-powered boat showcases the potential of renewable energy in shaping a more sustainable world.

Let us unite in supporting Mufferah Majeed’s journey toward our planet’s brighter and cleaner future.

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