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Sardar Gurbinder Singh: A Dedicated Advocate for Eye Donation

22 Years of Raising Awareness for Eye Donation

Sardar Gurbinder Singh is a Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh resident who has dedicated his life to bringing light to the lives of blind people through eye donation. For almost 22 years, he has been going from place to place, spreading awareness about the importance of eye donation and encouraging people to make this generous donation. Through his tireless efforts, he has been able to help more than 3000 people regain their sight through surgeries.

CL Gupta Eye Institute
CL Gupta Eye Institutes Slogan Published in Paper.

Motivation for Gurbinder Singh’s mission: Family Tragedy and a Personal Vow to Help Others

Gurbinder Singh’s mission was motivated by a tragic event in his own family. In 2000, his elder brother, advocate Harbinder Singh, suddenly lost his eyesight. Despite their best efforts and treatment, the family could not restore his vision. This incident deeply affected Gurbinder Singh and made him determined to help others avoid the same fate.

Gurbinder Singh initiated a movement to raise eye donation awareness and combat any misunderstandings or apprehensions related to the process among the public. He would tell everyone he met just one thing: “eye donation is a great donation.” He also coined the slogan: “Donate blood while alive, donate eyes while leaving.”

Sardar Gurbinder Singh
Sardar Gurbinder Singh’s CL Gupta Eye Institute

Establishing a World-Class Eye Hospital: The Expansion of Gurbinder Singh’s Mission

Gurbinder Singh’s commitment and enthusiasm towards his campaign caught the attention of two of his closest associates, who decided to take action. They set out to establish a world-class eye hospital in Moradabad, with Gurbinder Singh at the helm of its operations. Gurbinder Singh and his friends established CL Gupta Eye Institute, which has since grown to include centres in 22 suburbs and bring top-quality eye care to even more needy people.
Gurbinder Singh’s mission is wider than Moradabad, however. He runs his campaign even while travelling to other places, such as Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. His tireless efforts and commitment to helping others have earned him the nickname “Sardar ji with eyes” among the local community.

The Importance of Eye Donation: Gurbinder Singh’s Work as an Inspiration

The importance of eye donation cannot be overstated. Every year, millions of people worldwide have blindness or severe vision impairment, which can greatly affect their quality of life. Eye donation is a simple and selfless act that can change lives and give people a chance to see the world again. Gurbinder Singh’s work is a testament to this, and he inspires others who wish to make a difference in their communities.

Sardar Gurbinder Singh’s CL Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sardar Gurbinder Singh, a Humanitarian and Inspiration

In conclusion, Sardar Gurbinder Singh is a true humanitarian who works tirelessly to bring sight to blind people. Gurbinder Singh established a world-class eye hospital in Moradabad, and its centres have also opened in about 22 suburbs. His dedication and hard work have given him the opportunity of sight to numerous people in the area. He is an inspiration for how one person can positively impact many lives.

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