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The state of Ghalib Tomb, “Arsh se pare hota kaash ke apna makaan”

Ghalib Tomb: Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, one of the great poets of his time and probably of all times, did not get the popularity that other writers had. The shrine exists. There are some flowers laid on his grave ritually, but they have withered. Due to this, even the flower must have mercy on Ghalib. Had Ghalib been alive, he would have said, seeing this treatment being meted out to him, “I wish my house were beyond the throne…”

State of Ghalib Tomb

However, Dr. Aqeel Ahmed, Secretary of Ghalib Academy, bypasses these things and asks the reporter, “Whose grave have you seen apart from Mirza Ghalib, which remains so clean?” Have you seen the tomb of Jouk (Jouk Ahmad Jouk)? ,

He lived in a rented house all his life and became immortal.

Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib is a big name in Urdu and literature. He was born on December 27, 1797, in Agra (Akbarabad) during the Mughal Empire. At 13, he came to Delhi, where he composed poems in Urdu and Persian and reached the heights of fame in his lifetime.

He gained supporters from the royal court, including familiar people and aristocrats. Even after a long time, Mirza Ghalib is fresh in the hearts and minds of his fans. He lived in a rented house for the rest of his life. He had no place of his own. No more. But what he left behind made him immortal.
Ghalib’s Haveli and Mazar.

Offer flowers of devotion

There are many shops right in front of Ghalib’s mansion. As soon as the sun sets, the crowd of people increases here. But on a closer look at the tomb, it is known that the surroundings are never cleaned. The nets are broken.

” Don’t know who Ghalib is.”

Just a few steps away from Ghalib’s Mazar are Hazrat Nizamuddin’s dargah, where thousands of people come every day to offer flowers of devotion, but the guard Chandra Prakash, who lives near the Mazar, guarding the haveli, has no information about Ghalib. I don’t know anything.

Not only this, Mohammad, who has been setting up a shop near the tomb for many years, says that he does not know who Ghalib is. When asked whose dargah he is standing near now, he says he has only heard Ghalib’s name.

Was there a great poet who used to drink alcohol?

Love for Urdu and Persian

When Mohammad Sajid, who had come to visit Nizamuddin from Mumbai, looked out of the hotel window, he also went to see Ghalib’s tomb with his companions. He says about Ghalib that he was a great poet of Urdu and Persian.

When we looked outside our room, we knew that Ghalib’s tomb was here, so we came to see it. An older adult present with him during the conversation says Ghalib was a great poet. He used to drink a lot of alcohol. More than this, they could not say anything about Ghalib.
Ghalib adopted a different color.

Dr. Aqeel Ahmed, Secretary of Ghalib Academy, talked about Mirza Ghalib, saying he used to take pride in his Persian language. Ghalib’s poetry was utterly different from other poets. He adopted his color. Ghalib himself said that our poetry is for today and the times to come.

One of the greatest poet

It is said that Ghalib’s name is also taken into account by some of the world’s great
poets. Ghalib’s son died in his childhood. Ghalib has presented human pain very well.
Ghalib needs to learn Urdu.

We asked him if the people around the tomb knew nothing about Ghalib. Regarding this, he says that many people do not know Urdu. Ghalib is a distant thing. Very few people are going to know Urdu.

Were the people around ever told about Ghalib? On this, Dr. Aqeel Ahmed says that on the occasion of Ghalib’s birthday, such programs are organized from time to time so that familiar people can also take advantage. There is a program for ghazal singing. Ghalib has said that if you want to see our poetry, then see Persian.

Fatiha is recited every year with closed eyes.

On Mirza Asadullah Kha Ghalib’s birthday, some flowers are placed on the dilapidated dargah, and Fatiha is recited with closed eyes. But neither does anyone see the worn condition of the tomb of this great poet, nor does it get repaired. Is.

Every year, lakhs of rupees are spent in the name of Urdu, but nothing is told to the young generation by quoting Ghalib. The wah is obtained by reciting one or two shers of Ghalib in the presence of the gathering. Thousands of people pass it daily, but no one pays attention.

Ghalib has been dead for a long time, but keep his memory alive!


The state of Ghalib’s Tomb, “arsh se pare hota kaash ke apna makaan”

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