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Women in the NDA: Breaking Stereotypes and Making Strides

Sania Mirza, inspired by Shershaah, stated that a ‘Fauji’ could be born anywhere.

Inspired by Sher Shah, Sania Mirza declared that a soldier could be born anywhere. She told her success story in an interview. She describes her NDA selection and professes to be patriotic. One should not use caste, religion, or gender to determine the worth of an individual. There is just the bravery to do something for the country, and there is strength.

This profession requires a constant commitment to supporting the country from every person involved. Sania stated that she succeeded through digital media and that the internet thoroughly helped her. Sania jumped right into her studies, and today she is a success.

She said she got a lot of help from the digital platform during her studies. She answered all her questions through the digital platform. Teachers teach, give information, and play a vital role in making our lives successful.

She felt that women should go ahead in this field. The question of why women had not entered this field for many years became critical. People questioned Sania Mirza about why she chose this specific career after she passed the NDA test and became India’s First Muslim woman fighter pilot. Sania Mirza roared back that she enjoyed difficulties.

Sania Mirza

First Indian Woman Pilot

She picked this profession after learning that Avni Chaturvedi had set a record while flying fighter planes. This achievement of becoming the first Indian woman pilot to fly the MiG-21 in the Air Force is associated with her name. There was no enrolment of female fighter pilots after 2015.

Considering this, She believed that women should lead the way in this profession. For many years, the subject of why women had not entered this sector became significant. So, in this scenario, they learned that, after the Honorable Supreme Court’s judgement in September 2021, there was a modification in the registration limit for girls in the NDA exam.

She finds it very challenging and is interested in overcoming every challenge.

Sania Mirza addressed the youth

Furthermore, Sania Mirza conveyed a message to today’s young generation, advising them that in this age of digital media and social media, they should use the internet to make their lives successful rather than straying from it.

In the meantime, she advised the future generation that she had passed her exam in April 2022 and had waited a long for the results. As a result, discipline is necessary for life, and its reward is always pleasant.

Concerning the supportive messages received on social media, she stated that everyone applauds her, from ordinary people to special ones. She pleaded with everyone to do the same for their daughters. Sania has been blessed with the ability to fly without stopping.

She also emphasized that education is the only way to overcome rigidity in society.

Flight Lieutenant Avni Chaturvedi encouraged Sania Mirza, whom her parents and brothers supported. After then, she had improved to the level where her name is known beyond India.

Source- Awaz the Voice

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