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The Supercop from Assam, Imdad Ali, is still unmatched in India

Imdad Ali became the IG of Assam Police in 1962 while the Chinese troop had invaded India. Under his direction, the police had rendered outstanding carriers in keeping law and order within the country in the face of overseas aggression. Imdad Ali (born 1913) was the second son of Aimana Khatun and Khanbahadur Keramat Ali of the Balibat area of Jorhat (Assam). He is believed to be the first and remaining Assamese to be inducted into the Imperial Police Service. In 1947, Ali was appointed the Commissioner of Naga Hills to be the first Indian to maintain this submission. Imdad Ali became the Inspector preferred of Police in Assam in 1962, the critical 12 months when India faced an attack from China. In 1964, he was deputed to the Home Ministry in Delhi and posted as The IGP of Gujarat in 1965. In 1969, he returned to Delhi and became the first-ever Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force in Gujarat. The Indo-Pak war of 1965 occurred. He was in charge when they attempted to enter India from Assam. His braveness thwarted Pakistan Efficiently. Imdad Ali was the first
Indian Police Officer to grow to be India’s Ambassador overseas. Ali played a pivotal role in Controlling the Naxalite that had engulfed West Bengal at some stage in that period. He added revolutionary adjustments to the functioning of CRPF and installed operational
automobiles that might travel long distances at high velocities. As a result, Imdad became the primary police officer to be made an Aide de Camp (ADC) to the President of India. He became revered with the President’s Police Medal and Fire Services Medal for his meritorious
service. The Police Training College in Dergaon could be named after the supercop of Assam, Imdad Ali. Alternatively, the Govt. of India could name the North East Police Academy in Meghalaya after him. But, whether the govt does it or not, no one can deny it. It will take ages for the region to have another officer with the calibre and mettle of Imdad Ali.



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