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Alankrutha Chandra & Meher Gundavarum: Crafting a Sustainable Dream in India

For Alankrutha Chandra and her husband, Meher Gundavarum, their journey towards a toxin-free and sustainable life began in the United States, where they both worked as software developers for several years. Yet, they yearned for something more profound – a life free from harmful chemicals and sustainable.

The American Dream

“I was always inclined towards living a chemical-free and sustainable life. However, it was tough for me to build that life in America,” Alankrutha shares in a conversation with The Better India.

The Birth of ‘Elephant In You’ – Farm, Clothing, and Stay

In India, the couple co-founded ‘Elephant In You,’ a sustainable brand headquartered in Hyderabad. Their brand encapsulates all aspects of sustainability, covering food, accommodation, and clothing.

A Wholesome Brand Born During a Pandemic

“While we were holed up in our homes during the pandemic, I brainstormed ideas. I was sure that I wanted to create a wholesome brand that helps people live a more sustainable life,” Alankrutha recalls.

“One thing that was clear to me was that natural dyeing is an art. It is not something mechanical that any person can do. It has its own beauty, and I wanted to engage the small community of natural dyers in creating my brand,” she emphasizes.

“I am collaborating with NGOs and farmers that send unbleached organic fabric to make the garment and dye them naturally,” she adds, underlining the community-driven nature of her enterprise.

Organic Food, Natural Clothing, and Farm Life

Elephant In You offers a ready-to-wear collection comprising shirts, dresses, hoodies, and bottoms crafted from unbleached organic cotton, linen, and hemp fabrics that utilize natural dyes. But for Alankrutha, clothing was only one facet of a sustainable lifestyle.

Having conquered the realms of food and clothing, the couple is now gearing up to embrace their brand’s ‘stay’ component, completing their vision for a sustainable and holistic lifestyle brand, Elephant In You.

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