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Atal Dulloo Assumes Role as J&K Chief Secretary

Political figures, including the President of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti, have welcomed Dulloo's appointment.

In a historic moment, the seasoned IAS officer from the 1989 batch, Atal Dulloo, has officially taken the reins as the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir. This marks a significant milestone as Dulloo becomes the third Kashmiri Pandit to ascend to the top bureaucratic position in the now union territory. This community has faced considerable challenges and migration amidst the region’s turmoil.

A Strategic Appointment for Stability

Dulloo’s appointment aligns with his seniority within the cadre, emphasizing a seamless transition. With youth on his side, Dulloo is poised for a minimum tenure of three years, set to retire in October 2026. This strategic decision aims to bring stability and continuity to the administrative landscape.

A Symbol of Integrity: J&K’s 31st Chief Secretary

As the 31st Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, Atal Dulloo stands out, with 18 predecessors hailing from outside the State/UT, compared to 13 from within. His selection has garnered widespread praise across the union territory, owing to his reputation as an unassuming, low-key bureaucrat with an impeccable record of honesty and integrity.

Resonating Approval Across the Spectrum

Political figures, including the President of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti, have welcomed Dulloo’s appointment. Mufti, known for her critical stance, acknowledges the significance of having a resident of J&K in a position of power during challenging times. This sentiment resonates with many, fostering hopes for empathy and redressal for the masses.

People’s Advocate: Atal Dulloo’s Commitment

Commentators and citizens alike express optimism about Atal Dulloo’s tenure, anticipating a focus on the people’s interests in all administrative dealings. Pervez Naik emphasizes Dulloo’s commitment to ensuring public welfare remains paramount in decision-making and actions.

Historical Perspectives: Sons of the Soil

Delving into historical contexts, the article highlights notable Chief Secretaries from the past, underlining the diverse backgrounds and religions that have contributed to the region’s governance. The narrative captures the essence of leadership transcending religious biases and showcases the evolving tapestry of administrative figures in Jammu and Kashmir.

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