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Awadhi Tradition Embraces Modernity At Naimat Khana

Near the busy streets of Lucknow, a modest eatery called Naimat Khana near Kaiserbagh invites visitors in pursuit of real Awadhi delicacies. Managed by Askari Naqvi, Madhavi, and Sheeba Iqbal Jairajpuri, Naimat Khana provides a unique culinary experience rooted in history and legacy.

Discovering Authentic Awadhi Cuisine

Naimat Khana, meaning ‘a home of delights or blessings’, distinguishes out from bigger eateries with its particularly genuine Awadhi meals. Visitors are exposed to tastes that bring them to the heart of Lucknow’s culinary tradition.

Sheeba Iqbal Jairajpuri, a member of a renowned family, found herself at the helm of Naimat Khana after a life-altering occurrence. After the demise of her spouse in 2017, Sheeba vowed to design her own road to financial freedom. Thus, Aab-o-Dana was formed, delivering handcrafted Awadhi food in the historical setting of her own house.

Overcoming Challenges and Changing Mindsets

Facing objections from conservative patriarchal family, Sheeba remained undaunted in her quest of achievement. With the help of partners Askari Naqvi and Madhavi, she not only overcome challenges but also started initiatives to empower neglected women, providing them training and career prospects.

Partnering with groups like Sanatkada and working under the Sadbhavna Trust, Sheeba, Askari, and Madhavi are not only conserving Awadhi tradition but also empowering poor women. Through initiatives like as leadership workshops, they empower women with the skills and confidence to flourish in professional situations.

A Hub of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb

At Naimat Khana, visitors are not only treated to superb Awadhi food but also steeped in the rich tapestry of Lucknow’s syncretic culture. Sheeba’s narrations of culinary history and tales, mixed with Askari’s beautiful Awadhi melodies and Madhavi’s presentation of local handicrafts, offer a totally immersive experience of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.

In the core of Lucknowi culture, food is not only nutrition but an expression of love and skill. Through Naimat Khana, Sheeba and her colleagues continue to commemorate and share this cultural history while paving the road for women’s empowerment and social transformation.

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