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Bringing People Together: Azhar Bhai’s Paan Shop in Lucknow

Azhar Bhai's unique way of making paans, which is popular in Lucknow

Azhar Bhai’s paan shop in Akbari Gate, near Nakhas market, is renowned throughout the city of Lucknow. Customers from various backgrounds come together to enjoy his customised paans and exchange greetings, forming friendships along the way.

Ashok Gupta, a construction contractor and resident of Yahiyaganj, visits Azhar Bhai‘s shop daily to purchase his favourite paan and ‘Begam Pasand’ paan for his wife.

Gupta also cherishes meeting with Azhar Bhai, whom he has befriended over the years. Gupta attributes his daily visits to his addiction to Azhar Bhai’s unique way of making paans, which is popular in Lucknow.

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