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Dilafroz Qazi Pioneers Kashmir’s First Private Engineering College Against All Odds

In 1988, amid the burgeoning seeds of separatism and violence in Kashmir, Dilafroz Qazi, hailing from a modest family of furriers, defied the odds. With a Bachelor’s in Law and minimal funds, she initiated a small training center in Rajbagh, evolving it into the valley’s pioneering private polytechnic. This venture, initially focused on shorthand and typing, took an unexpected turn against the prevailing socio-political climate.

A Polytechnic’s Evolution

Against the backdrop of militancy’s rise, SSM metamorphosed into Kashmir’s first private engineering college in 1996. Today, boasting a comprehensive curriculum encompassing management, engineering, and technical education, SSM stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence.

Nurturing Success: SSM’s Alumni Impact

Over the past 35 years, SSM has cultivated an illustrious alumni base exceeding 30,000 individuals. Many alumni have ascended to prominent roles in management, corporate, and government sectors, including notable figures like Bisma Qazi, Naveed Tramboo, Ursilla Tabassum, and others.

Diverse Educational Offerings

Situated close to Parihaspora’s archaeological site, SSM remains Kashmir’s sole private engineering college offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. From civil and mechanical engineering to computer and communication engineering, SSM provides a diverse range of degree courses. Additionally, the institution offers M. Tech programs in mechanical engineering and electronics and communication engineering, along with MBA, MCA, and BBA courses.

Infrastructure Milestones

The sprawling SSM campus, located 20 km from Srinagar, stands as a testament to resilience. Boasting smart classrooms, libraries, laboratories, playfields, and auditoriums, SSM’s infrastructure complements its commitment to quality education.

Battling Obstacles: A Founder’s Determination

Dilafroz’s journey wasn’t without challenges. Facing attacks and obstacles, including political interference, she persisted. Even during turbulent times, marked by curfews and security operations, Dilafroz’s unwavering resolve led to the establishment of SSM.

In retrospect, SSM’s evolution mirrors not just academic growth but a triumph over adversity, showcasing the indomitable spirit of its founder and the resilience of education in the face of turmoil.

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