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Enhancing Positive Energy: Vastu Guidelines for an Ideal Kitchen

The right direction, placement of doors, windows, and appliances, and the avoidance of negative influences contribute to a balanced and harmonious space.

Creating a harmonious and positive home environment is essential for our overall well-being. Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, provides valuable insights into achieving balance and positive energy flow. In this article, we will explore expert tips from Kusum Dogra, a renowned Vastu expert astrologer, on rectifying Vastu dosh (imbalances) in the kitchen and creating a prosperous and joyous space for culinary endeavours.

Optimal Kitchen Direction

The kitchen, the heart of a home, requires careful consideration regarding its placement. According to Vastu principles, the ideal arrangement for the kitchen is the southeast direction. This direction is associated with Mars, a fiery planet, and fire itself, symbolically connected to the kitchen’s activities. Building the kitchen in the northwest direction is also considered acceptable, but the stove should always be positioned in the southeast for auspiciousness and positive energy.

Door and Cooking Placement

The entrance to the kitchen plays a vital role in energy flow. It is recommended to have the kitchen door facing either the North or East direction. The East direction, mainly, is known for attracting prosperity as it symbolizes the rising sun. Furthermore, while cooking, the cook should face the East direction. Facing West while cooking may invite health issues, so avoiding this orientation is best.

Window Placement and Energy Flow

Proper ventilation and energy flow are crucial for a vibrant kitchen. The kitchen windows should ideally open towards the East or West direction. This facilitates the seamless exchange of positive energy with the surrounding environment, contributing to a harmonious atmosphere within the house.

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Storage and Appliance Placement

The positioning of storage cabinets and essential kitchen appliances also impacts Vastu energy. It is recommended to have cabinets on walls facing either the South or West directions. Additionally, the placement of critical kitchen appliances is crucial. The gas cylinder should be kept in the southeast order, while empty cylinders should face the southwest. Water filters or pitchers find their ideal spot in the northeast direction. Refrigerators can be placed in the South, Southeast, North, or West directions.

Avoiding Negative Influences

Certain Vastu principles caution against unfavourable placements in the kitchen. Avoid installing the kitchen directly in front of the home temple or above/below the “pooja room,” as these areas are considered sacred and should remain separate. Furthermore, keeping the kitchen away from bedrooms, both above and below, is advised to maintain a harmonious energy balance. Lastly, the kitchen should always be separate from the toilet, as this can disrupt the positive energies associated with food and beverages.


By implementing these Vastu guidelines, you can create an environment of positive energy and prosperity within your kitchen. The right direction, placement of doors, windows, and appliances, and the avoidance of negative influences contribute to a balanced and harmonious space. Remember to align your kitchen with Vastu principles to enhance the overall well-being of your household.

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