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How a Mosque Is Battling Drug Problem

A mosque is issuing a decisive decree against drug addicts. An order that will shake the soul of the person who takes intoxication to humans and the person who is intoxicated. Assam, which was earlier considered a transit route for smuggling drugs into India through the Indo-Myanmar border, today is surrounded by a white blanket of drugs. Most of the heroin smuggling is taking place in Assam these days. Earlier, the accessibility of this drug was mainly in the cities. But now it is easily accessible even in villages, most of whose victims are youth. The government is making many efforts to eliminate drug consumption at its level, and the Assam police keep attacking drug peddlers and drug addicts. Despite this, the result is still not satisfactory. Assam Against Drugs, the Udmari-Balurghat Jame Masjid Committee of Nagaon district has issued an order to save their city’s children. The order is against drug peddlers and drug consumers. Masjid Committee decided that in case of those who sell and consume drugs, their death will not be announced from the Masjid. So the area’s people will neither attend his funeral prayer nor go to his family for consolation. Not only this, the mosque will not provide a Jananja carrier to take his funeral to the cemetery, nor will the Imam of the mosque lead the congregational prayer of the funeral. The Masjid Committee believes that drugs are tightening the whole country’s clutches, and their area is also in its clutches. The committee took this decision when they saw that in the last few days, many people died in the city due to drugs. The residents have welcomed this strict decree of the mosque



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