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How Panadamic Changes the Tourism Sector

The world’s tourism industry is facing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourists’ travel risk and management perceptions are crucial in their decision to travel to destinations during the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 epidemic. The Indian tourism industry handled loads to the tune of more than 17 million international visitor arrivals and over 2.3 billion domestic tourists. The Asia-Pacific region was the worst hit, as it reported a 94 per cent drop over the three months. Tourists’ travel risk and management perceptions can influence their psychological behavior toward traveling to a destination. Indian cities like Puri, Vizag, and Puducherry have been highly affected as the people of these coastal areas are mostly dependent on tourists. While asking about COVID, a local vendor in Puri says, “We are mostly dependent on tourists, but now due to this pandemic, people are terrified to come out of their houses and this adversely affects our daily earnings. Even the aid provided by the government is not enough for us as we have many members to feed.” The famous Rath Yatra has been pending for the last two years and has even impacted the local community more. The consequences of this pandemic could change many aspects of human life and business, including tourism management, as almost half of the global population has adopted restrictions on movement on an unprecedented scale.



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