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Ishrat Ahmed: First Muslim Woman Colonel in Indian Army 

In a groundbreaking moment for the Indian Army and the Muslim community, Colonel Ishrat Ahmed was appointed the first Muslim woman to command an Ordnance Army unit in Meerut. The historic event took place on Thursday, marking a remarkable achievement for Col Ishrat and the Kayamkhani Muslim community from which she hails. This community is known for its emphasis on higher education and a preference for careers in the military, administration, and police services. 

Proud Heritage from Rajasthan 

Col Ishrat’s journey to this prestigious position is rooted in her family’s distinguished background in Nua village, Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

Despite the Indian Army’s policy of not disclosing the religious affiliations of its officers, her community widely celebrated her appointment on social media. Col Ishrat, the daughter of Colonel Zaki Ahmed and the sister of Brigadier Saqib Hussain, with IGP Liaquat Ali Khan also among her relatives, comes from a notable family. Her family is respected for their service, with several members having attained high ranks in state administration. 

Community Pride and Hope 

The Kayamkhani Muslim community is swelling with pride over Col Ishrat’s promotion, viewing it as a source of inspiration for their youth. Kamkhayani Bidri, expressing the community’s sentiments, shared their collective joy and pride in such an achievement. The community is optimistic that Col Ishrat’s success will pave the way for further advancements among their children, encouraging them to aspire for such prestigious positions. 

Colonel Ishrat’s appointment is more than a personal triumph; it symbolizes progress and breaking traditional barriers, offering hope and inspiration to many nationwide. Her story is a testament to the power of dedication, hard work, and the importance of supportive communities in achieving one’s dreams. 

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