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Dr Moinuddin: From Madrasa to Agricultural Scientist – A Journey of Determination 

Dr Moinuddin’s story begins in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, where he was born and raised. He started his education journey at Madrasa Nida Haq in Ambedkar Nagar, Jalalpur town, Uttar Pradesh. Despite the odds, his thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. After completing his primary education at Madrasa, he aimed higher and continued his studies, facing numerous challenges along the way. Moinuddin faced tough times, especially during his college days at NPG College Barhalganj, which is part of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University. Finding a place to live was a significant hurdle as he faced rejections from many homeowners, forcing him to stay in Bhimsawa Ashram for two years. His perseverance paid off when a kind-hearted Hindu family rented their house to him, allowing him to focus on his studies. 

Academic Achievements and Career 

Moinuddin’s hard work and determination led him to complete his Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences at the Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology, and Sciences in Allahabad. His research focused on the “Effect of different organic sources of nitrogen on growth, yield, and oil content of ground nuts,” contributing valuable knowledge to the field. Today, he is an Assistant Professor of Agriculture at Maya College of Agriculture Science and Technology in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. His journey from Madrasa to becoming a respected academic and researcher is genuinely inspirational. 

Inspiration for Youth 

Dr Moinuddin encourages the youth to value their time and focus on their goals. His life story serves as an inspiration for anyone facing challenges, showing that with determination and hard work, any obstacle can be overcome. His father, Haji Munir Ahmed, proudly recounts how Moinuddin was always focused and dedicated to his studies, setting an example for others to follow. Dr. Moinuddin’s journey from a small town in Uttar Pradesh to becoming an acclaimed agricultural scientist is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of education. 

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