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JK Gyanodaya Express Unveils a Unique Learning Journey

In a groundbreaking initiative, the University of Jammu, under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Umesh Rai, has propelled the JK Gyanodaya Express, a novel “College on Wheels.” Departing from Katra railway station, this transformative journey commenced with a remarkable batch of 780 young women hailing from diverse corners of Jammu and Kashmir.

Breaking Boundaries: Beyond J&K Horizons

For many of these college students, this expedition marks their inaugural train voyage and their first venture beyond the confines of J&K. The mission is clear – transcend geographical constraints for an enriched educational experience.

Learning Across Landscapes

The train’s maiden stop in Delhi is just the beginning. Over the next fortnight, the JK Gyanodaya Express is set to crisscross the nation, making educational pit stops in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and other vital locations.

Projects on the Move

Umesh Rai emphasizes the students’ active involvement by assigning projects that will evolve throughout the journey. This dynamic approach ensures that learning extends far beyond conventional classroom boundaries.

Libraries on the Rails

Aboard this unique educational expedition, a well-stocked library awaits, urging students to immerse themselves in the world of books. The goal is simple – each student must absorb the contents of at least one book during the journey.

Technology-Driven Learning

Equipped with laptops, students seamlessly integrate technology into their projects and presentations during the trip, fostering a tech-savvy educational environment.

Dissolving Classroom Constraints

Vice-Chancellor Umesh Rai advocates that travel is a catalyst for education and discovery, effectively dismantling the barriers of traditional classrooms and subjects. This vision aligns with the sentiments of Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, who sees this initiative as a pivotal moment in the region’s educational landscape.

Inspiring with Gandhi’s Ideals

Dinesh Singh, Vice-Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Council of Higher Education, parallels this journey and Mahatma Gandhi’s transformative train rides. He envisions these young women embracing Gandhi’s philosophy during the expedition, transcending the conventional classroom setup.

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