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Triumph of Unity: Rescuing 41 Workers from the Himalayan Silkyara Tunnel

In the challenging terrain of the Himalayas, a remarkable feat unfolded as 41 workers were rescued from the Silkyara tunnel in the Uttar Kashi district of Uttarakhand. This gripping tale of unity and determination saw officials from 33 departments, people of diverse faiths, and even international collaborators tirelessly working for 17 days, around the clock, to save lives.

Diverse Origins, Collective Effort

Contrary to the assumption that the trapped workers were locals, they hailed from eight different states across India. Throughout the rescue operation, the government ensured the well-being of their families, providing accommodations in hotels and lodges.

Beyond Difficulty: A War for Humanity

The successful and safe rescue prompted Cyriac Joseph, CEO of Squadron Infra Mining Pvt Ltd, a significant player in the operation, to express that it was more than a challenging mission—it was a ‘war for humanity.’ Joseph told the media after the 16-day effort, “It was not just a difficult mission but a war for humanity. We are glad to have been a part of it.”

Mahmood Ahmed: Supervising the Rescue Operations

Mahmood Ahmed, Managing Director of National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDC), was another critical figure overseeing the rescue efforts. As a 1993 batch Indian Accounts and Finance Service officer, Ahmed camped at the Silkyara temple site for 17 days. He meticulously monitored the situation and supervised all rescue planning and implementation.

The Backbone: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

The National Highways Authority of India, established in 1988, emerged as a crucial player in managing the extensive national highway network. Responsible for over 50,000 km of the 1,15,000 km network, NHAI, a nodal agency of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, played a vital role in facilitating the rescue operation.

Rat Miners’ Final Strike

In a dramatic final effort, rat miners led by Vakeel Hasan made a significant impact. Hasan and his team of six rat mining experts achieved the extraordinary feat of digging 12 meters horizontally in just eight hours on November 28. This precise effort led to the successful rescue of the miners around 7.05 pm.

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