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Master Artisans Shine at G20 Crafts Bazaar: A Celebration of Indian Handicrafts

At the G20 Summit venue, master artisan Dilshad Hussain captured visitors’ attention as he sat on a mat, painstakingly carving intricate designs on brass pots at the Uttar Pradesh stall in the crafts bazaar. At 76 years old, Dilshad is a testament to remarkable fitness and craftsmanship.

Dilshad, recognized as a ‘Shilp Guru,’ has practised ‘Nakashi’ on brass since the age of seven, a skill passed down through generations. Despite his achievements, he wears his Padma Shri medal with humility, being the first in his district to receive this prestigious award.

With nine children and several State awardees in his family, Dilshad brought 90 brass items, including pots, jars, plates, and flower vases, from Moradabad to the crafts bazaar. Notably, he created intricate pieces like brass mugs and banks, some taking nearly two years to complete. Apart from the recognition, he earned a modest income from his crafts at the bazaar.

Dilshad took the opportunity to demonstrate Nakashi to visitors, sharing his expertise with fellow artisans and enthusiasts. The Uttar Pradesh stall also showcased traditional crafts like Chikankari embroidery from Lucknow, Varanasi silk scarves, Kannauj perfumes, and Zardoji embroidery from Shahjahanpur.

The crafts bazaar featured artisans from all corners of India, grateful for the government’s initiative to provide them with an international platform to showcase their crafts. One such artisan, Avaz Mohammad, a 76-year-old lac worker from Jaipur, interacted briefly with Prime Minister Modi during the summit.

Lac work, a traditional craft passed down through generations, has faced challenges, with many artisans leaving it for jobs abroad. Avaz has preserved the art and taught it to students across institutions.

The crafts bazaar celebrated indigenous art and crafts, including products with One District One Product (ODOP) and Geographical Indication (GI) tags. Visitors had the opportunity to explore various traditional crafts from all over India, making it a delightful experience for craft enthusiasts and shoppers alike.

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