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Noreen Rahman Borooah: Mastering Academics and Bharatnatyam 

Noreen Rahman Borooah, the topper of Don Bosco School, Pan Bazar, Guwahati, in the CBSE Class 12th examination, is not only an academic achiever but also a talented Bharatnatyam dancer. She scored an impressive aggregate of 97% in the Humanities stream and secured 99 out of 100 in English. Noreen, who performed her ‘Arangetram’ (debut on-stage performance) just before starting her Class 12 final exams, believes that dancing can help maintain a positive approach during preparation and exams. 

Dance: A Stress Reliever for Students 

According to Noreen Rahman Borooah, dance forms like Bharatnatyam can help control anxiety levels and prevent panic from setting in before exams. “For a higher level of concentration, one may prefer to sit and prepare in isolation. After spending hours in confinement for a higher level of attention, the student may start to feel stressed. Dance is one of the best ways to relieve your stress instantly,” she said. 

Aspiring for a Career in Psychology 

Noreen, who is also interested in swimming, writing, and leadership training activities, plans to pursue Psychology as a major subject at the graduation and post-graduation levels in one of the top institutions in India or abroad. She is fascinated by the idea of reading people’s minds and believes that Psychology is an integral part of medical science and healthcare systems. “In the present-day society, mental health has become equally important like physical health. In fact, mental well-being leads to physical well-being,” Noreen explained. 

Excellence at Don Bosco School 

Don Bosco School, one of the oldest missionary schools in the North East, has once again excelled in the CBSE exam results. In the Class 12 Science stream, Ayushman Ghosal and Ashlesha Sarma topped the school with 96.80% aggregate marks. In the Commerce stream, Dhruv Lunia and Shaurya Jain scored 96.80% aggregate marks. Notably, 95 students scored above 90% marks, and 82 scored above 80% marks. In the Class 10 results, Dhrubaneel Baruah emerged as the school topper with 97.80% aggregate marks, while 72 students scored above 90% marks, and 69 students scored above 80% marks. 

Noreen Rahman Borooah’s exceptional academic performance, coupled with her passion for Bharatnatyam, showcases her dedication and versatility. Her belief in the power of dance as a stress reliever and her aspirations to pursue Psychology,highlight her holistic approach to personal growth and well-being. 

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