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Preserving Parsi Culinary Heritage: A Journey of Flavor and Tradition

I hail from a lineage of exceptional cooks, a culinary legacy lovingly passed down through generations. My grandmother, Khorshed Vachha, was a culinary virtuoso renowned for her delectable creations.

Following in her footsteps, my mother, Nasreen, emerged as a gifted cook in her own right. As a witness to the efficiency and artistry displayed by these women in the kitchen and buoyed by my grandmother’s unwavering encouragement, I embarked on a path that led me to become a caterer and a baker.

I hold steadfast to the tradition of crafting a Parsi dish every day, regardless of my whereabouts in the world. Ever since my marriage over a decade ago to my husband, Abhishek Menon, a resident manager at a leading hotel, I have accompanied him on his assignments in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, and Kolkata.

Parsi cuisine, deeply rooted in the traditions of the Parsi people who migrated from Persia to the Indian subcontinent, epitomizes the values of good food, good health, and a good life. The predominant flavors in Parsi cuisine are a harmonious blend of spicy, sour, and sweet, affectionately known as ‘khattu-meethu.’

Premium ingredients like saffron and cinnamon imbue Parsi dishes with their distinctive and delightful flavors. Several years ago, I unearthed my paternal grandmother’s cherished recipes and embarked on a journey to delve deeper into the art of baking. With culinary prowess, I delved into baking, which soon evolved into my passion.

Among the cherished memories of my childhood, there is one that I hold dear. My parents, brother, and I resided with my paternal grandmother in a charming old bungalow in Hyderabad. I fondly recall her whipping up chocolate tarts, coconut tarts, dates, and walnut cakes for her kitty parties. I would eagerly watch her create these delectable baked treats, diligently jotting down her recipes, many of which I still possess.

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