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Rakesh Sharma: Celebrating Chandrayaan 3 and India’s Space Odyssey

Sharma recounts his 1984 space voyage, detailing adapting to space's challenges and mastering its complexities, a historic journey indeed.

Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, India’s pioneering astronaut, looks forward to commemorating the triumph of Chandrayaan 3, a remarkable moment nearly four decades after his space voyage. In an exclusive conversation with Tripti Nath, Roving Editor of Awaz-The Voice, Sharma, a former Indian Air Force Pilot decorated with the Ashok Chakra, expresses confidence in Chandrayaan 3’s success and reflects on India’s journey in space exploration.

Sharma endorses Union Minister Jitendra Singh’s claim that India ranks fifth among spacefaring nations, emphasizing that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has made remarkable strides over the last few decades. Sharma praises ISRO for launching satellites worldwide, advancing indigenous tech, and excelling in space research, satellite communication, and Earth observation.

Discussing the impending Chandrayaan 3 mission, Sharma acknowledges its significance and potential impact on India’s space aspirations. He hopes the mission will succeed despite previous setbacks and contribute to the country’s space legacy.

Sharma highlights space sector hurdles, such as the demand for skilled talent and initiatives to engage and cultivate young enthusiasts. He commends ISRO’s Young Scientists program (Yuva Vigykaryakram YUVIKA) to inspire and educate the youth, fostering future leaders in space exploration.

Sharma recounts his 1984 space voyage, detailing adapting to space’s challenges and mastering its complexities, a historic journey indeed. He acknowledges the rapid adaptation and readaptation of the human body to different gravitational conditions.

Sharma emphasises India’s potential to produce visionary figures like Elon Musk. India prioritizes inventive problem-solving, responsible science application, and embracing uniqueness, highlighted by Sharma’s emphasis on innovation and creativity.

Chandrayaan 3’s anticipated triumph signifies India’s commitment to celestial exploration, echoing Rakesh Sharma’s insights on innovation and cosmic impact.

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