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Rampur Raza Library: Unlocking the Treasures of Ancient Manuscripts 

Nestled in Uttar Pradesh, about 200 kilometres away from New Delhi, lies the Rampur Raza Library, a repository of some of the rarest Arabic manuscripts in the world. This library houses an extraordinary collection of 500 copies of the Holy Quran, including antiques that date back to the 7th century AD. Among the prized possessions are a copy written on leather, believed to have been penned by Hazrat Ali himself, a handwritten copy by Musa Kazim, and a rare edition inscribed by Hazrat Jafar Sadiq. 

Engaging the Arabic-Speaking World 

The annual exhibition of these rare copies of the Holy Quran, organized during the last days of the holy month of Ramadan, presents a unique opportunity to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage to the Arabic-speaking world. Unfortunately, this occasion has not received the attention it deserves. By inviting top officials and heads of Arab states to witness these treasures, India could leverage its soft power and strengthen socio-economic ties with the Arab world. 

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge and Architecture 

Established 250 years ago by Rohilla Sardar Nawab Faizullah Khan, the Rampur Raza Library is a repository of books and a magnificent example of Indo-European architectural style. Its vast collection encompasses 17,000 manuscripts, 60,000 rare, printed books in various languages, and thousands of calligraphic specimens and Mughal portraits. 

The Rampur Raza Library is truly an asset to India. If properly promoted, it could play a strategic role in Indian foreign policy, fostering better relations with the Muslim world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gesture of presenting replicas of manuscripts, including the handwritten Holy Quran of Hazrat Ali and the Persian Balmaki Ramayan, to the President and Prime Minister of Iran during his visit is a testament to the library’s potential in leveraging diplomacy. 

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