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Rangsapara: The cleanest village of Assam, Know The story Of Determination

Rangsapara, a small village located 17km from Goalpara in Assam, is known for its impeccable cleanliness and beauty. The town, which is home to 60 families belonging to the Garo tribe and has a population of around 500, was awarded the title of “Cleanest Village of Assam” by the state government in 2017, and it continues to live up to that reputation today.

A picturesque and clean village

One of the first things visitors to Rangsapada will notice is the picturesque gardens in front of every house, filled with various flowers and tended to with great care. The village also boasts small parks and bamboo gardens, some of which charge a nominal fee for entry. These parks are not only a source of income for the villagers but also offer a variety of attractions such as selfie corners, small over bridges made of bamboo, and watchtowers to take in the beautiful surroundings. The Bamboo Park, in particular, is a must-see for visitors and is owned by Kamal Momin, who also runs a nursery next to the park where plants are sold at half the price of those in the city.

Rangsapada in Assam Village Assam

Community and Religious Values in Rangsapada

The village also has a Baptist church and school, and the residents of Rangsapada are devout Christians. The village’s cleanliness reflects its strong sense of community and religious values. On Saturdays, the town’s women come together to clean every corner of the village, including roads, drains, and grounds, while on Wednesdays, it is the men’s turn. The garbage collected is not thrown away but is instead burned in the plains away from the village. One person from each household is required to participate in the cleanliness drive and those who do not are fined.

A strong sense of community and religious values

The cleanliness drive in Rangsapada began in 1990 and gained momentum under the leadership of Robertson in 2000. Decisions were made to prevent open defecation, littering, and intoxicant use. A Village Management Committee was formed to enforce rules and villagers are fined for breaking them.

Rangsapada Village Assam (Picture By DNN)

The Cleanliness Drive Takes Off

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Clean India Mission,” the people of Rangsapada had already built kutcha toilets in their homes through donations from the community. When government officials arrived under the scheme, they were impressed by the cleanliness of the village and the presence of toilets in every house. They subsequently upgraded the kutcha latrines to pucca ones. In 2016-17, the district administration awarded Rangsapada a prize of Rs 1 lakh. In February 2017, the government of Assam awarded Rangsapada the “Clean Village of Assam” status and a check of Rs 5 lakh.

Success through hard work and community spirit

Today, Rangsapada is a clean village and a happy one. The town is a popular tourist destination, with hundreds of people visiting every day and even more on Sundays and holidays. The village is also a source of income for its residents, with many earning thousands of rupees daily from their gardens, parks, and nurseries. The success of Rangsapada is a testament to the power of hard work and community spirit. It is a shining example of what can be achieved when people come together with a common goal and work towards it with dedication and perseverance.

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