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Record-Breaking Warli Paintings! Aurangabad’s 120 Female Artists Make History

The Warli paintings depict the life of tribal people and their connection with nature.

DNN24 correspondent Abdul Gafor interviewed the participants of Aurangabad Municipality, who made a new record by registering 120 girls in the India Book of Records with their Warli paintings. The girls of Aurangabad have created history by breaking the previous record of 2600 square feet long Warli artwork made by 300 to 400 artists from Pune.

Warli Painting: A Tribal Art Form

Warli painting is a tribal art form that originates from Maharashtra. It is a form of wall painting done with rice paste and natural colours. The Warli paintings depict the life of tribal people and their connection with nature. It is a simple and beautiful form of art that has gained popularity worldwide.

120 Girls From Aurangabad City Register Their Names In India Book Of Records

In an attempt to create a new record, 120 girls from Aurangabad city participated in creating Warli paintings. The paintings were done on a large canvas that measured 3000 square feet. The girls worked tirelessly for four days to complete the pictures. Their hard work paid off when they registered their names in the India Book of Records.

Streets Of Aurangabad City Illuminated

The city has a rich history, culture, and beautiful monuments like the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The Warli paintings add to the town’s charm and are a must-see for Aurangabad tourists.

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