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Rosie Rahman: Transforming Modeling & Empowering Communities

Rosie acknowledges the misconceptions in some Muslim societies that dictate women should stay behind the scenes.

Rosie Rahman, a prominent model hailing from Assam, is reshaping the modelling world while making significant contributions to politics and social causes. Her journey is a testament to breaking stereotypes and embracing the beauty of traditional attire.

Based in Guwahati, Rosie did not initially aspire to enter the fashion world despite her love for dressing up. Her childhood interests revolved around dancing and singing. Her friends, Ritu Gogoi and Hemlata Chetia, nudged her into modelling for Assamese magazines. She began her modelling career as a cover model for publications like Nandini and Sakhi magazines.

Rosie Rahman’s modelling career took a unique turn when she started showcasing traditional apparel, including the elegant Mekhela chadar, on the national and state beauty pageant stages. Her success shattered the notion that fashion success was solely tied to exotic outfits. She firmly believes that true beauty can shine through traditional clothing.

Rosie’s modelling journey has been studded with achievements. She has clinched numerous titles, including “Most Beautiful Model of the Year 2021,” “Red Carpet Beautiful Queen World Beauty Pageant 2021,” “International Global Universe 2022,” “Mrs India International Chhattisgarh 2022,” and many more, totalling 11 prestigious titles.

Rosie acknowledges the misconceptions in some Muslim societies that dictate women should stay behind the scenes. She credits her family’s unwavering support, especially her husband’s encouragement, for her ability to break free from these constraints and excel in her career.

Rosie’s commitment to social betterment also encompasses education. Since 2012, she has taught underprivileged children, including those below the poverty line, free of charge. Her dedication to enriching young minds reflects her belief in giving back to society.

Rosie Rahman’s remarkable journey, from modelling with traditional attire to her extensive involvement in politics and social initiatives, is a testament to her commitment to empowering her community. She inspires, breaking stereotypes and proving that beauty transcends clothing choices while making meaningful contributions to society’s well-being.

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