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The Literary Journey of Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind: A Maestro of Kashmiri Poetry

Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind's literary journey is a mesmerizing tapestry woven with threads of tradition, innovation, and resilience.

In the fascinating kingdom of Kashmir, a literary luminary, Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind, emerges as a beacon of poetic brilliance. Let’s delve into the captivating narrative of his life, his contributions to Kashmiri literature, and the enduring legacy he has carved.

Early Beginnings

Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind embarked on his poetic odyssey in 1964, weaving words transcending time. Born and raised in the Badru area of Kashmir, his literary prowess spans five books, with a remarkable blend of Kashmiri and Urdu compositions. His verses, sung by the esteemed Jumand, echo through generations, seamlessly integrating tradition with the pulse of modernity.

Pioneering a Literary Platform

In 1967, He envisioned a platform for poets to connect, share, and evolve. His vision materialized in 1968 with “E Bal Baj Mein Tak.” Collaborating with Aurdul Ghani Bebas Saab and Ma’am Shafi Balam Saheb Maroham Bashir Ahmed Sarwa Saheb, he shaped the General Fty of the Panjam, fostering a nurturing environment for poets to flourish.

Political Journey and Literary Leadership

Elevating his role, Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind served as Sadar for a decade, orchestrating literary events and contributing insightful essays. The inception of “Bazm,” a poetic venture, added another dimension to his multifaceted academic journey. Despite its eventual hiatus, the impact lingered, leaving an indelible mark on Kashmir’s literary tapestry.

The Magnum Opus: “Daag Daag, Dil Hai Daagdaag, Dil”

In a poetic crescendo, Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind unveiled his first collection of Kashmiri poetry, titled “Daag Daag, Dil Hai Daagdaag, Dil.” The release at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu, became a cultural milestone, attended by dignitaries like Mahasaf Myas Saheb and the revered Kashmiri Pandit Hazrat Kashmiri Pandit.

Sheikh Talib Hussain reading his poetry (Photos by DNN24)

Recognition and Crossing Literary Frontiers

Acknowledgement poured in from various quarters, including renowned personalities like Wali Qaseer of Urdu and Kha Saab, Dada’s son, a distinguished Punjabi writer. The encouragement spurred Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind to explore Urdu poetry, culminating in the creation of ‘Chashme Tar,’ a testament to his adaptability and artistic evolution.

Artistic Process and Inspirations

When quizzed about his writing rituals, Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind shared insights into his unassuming process. Writing commenced in 1964, with a preference for the tranquillity of home over any specific location. Love and inspiration flowed freely, leading to many verses capturing the essence of life, love, and societal nuances.

Sheikh Talib Hussain Narendra
Awards/Medals (Photo: DNN24)

The Doda Connection

Doda, a seemingly ordinary place, was pivotal in shaping Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind’s creative landscape. The lack of a bustling human environment didn’t hinder the flow of creativity; instead, it became the crucible for his poetry and stories. Gratitude echoes through his words for the people of Doda, who, even today, hold a special place in his heart.

Reflecting on a Burning Land

In a poignant reflection on life, Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind encapsulates the burning passions and sorrows that fuel his verses. The thematic richness of his poetry, addressing societal upheavals and personal struggles, paints a vivid picture of a poet deeply intertwined with the fabric of his surroundings.


In conclusion, Sheikh Talib Hussain Rind’s literary journey is a mesmerizing tapestry woven with threads of tradition, innovation, and resilience. His impact on Kashmiri literature is not merely historical; it is a living testament to the enduring power of words. As we traverse the corridors of his life, we find a poet whose verses echo through time, transcending boundaries and resonating with the hearts of generations.

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