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Sudha Iyengar: Nurturing Creativity and Community through Siddhi Creations

Sudha deeply inspired the teachers who devoted their time voluntarily.

In a world where engaging and educational summer camps for children were not as prevalent three decades ago, Sudha Iyengar‘s brainchild, Siddhi Creations, emerged as a beacon of creativity and learning. This unique venture in Bengaluru aimed to keep young children joyfully occupied during their summer vacations and impart essential life skills. 

The Genesis of Siddhi Creations

Siddhi Creations sprouted from the imaginative mind of Sudha Iyengar. Back in a time when hobby summer camps were not yet a widespread concept, this initiative was born to fill the void. Its primary goal was to provide children with a productive and enjoyable way to spend their vacations while gaining valuable life skills.

Challenges Faced: The Pandemic and MS

2020 marked a significant roadblock for Siddhi Creations, as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the traditional summer camp format. Additionally, Sudha’s ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis posed its own set of challenges.

Multiple Sclerosis and Sudha’s Unwavering Spirit

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Sudha’s journey with MS spans a remarkable 52 years. Despite the hurdles posed by this condition, Sudha continued to give back to her community by opening her home to countless children and teachers, nurturing bonds of creativity, friendship, and activity.

The Heart of Siddhi Creations: Sudha Iyengar

Teachers who have been a part of Siddhi Creations reflect on the pivotal role Sudha played in the camp’s success. Jayashree Prasad, Srimathi K Singh, and Mamatha express their love and admiration for Sudha, emphasizing that she was the fulcrum they functioned in.

Sudha’s Influence on Teachers and the Community

Sudha deeply inspired the teachers who devoted their time voluntarily. Many of them had a personal connection with her, having either been tutored by her or known her through their children. Sudha’s wisdom, patience, counselling, and encouragement proved to be motivating factors for the ever-growing group of teachers.

Siddhi Creations Today

While the summer camps have been discontinued, the bond between students and teachers with their beloved mentor, Sudha Iyengar, remains unbroken. Over the years, approximately 100 teachers volunteered at the camp, a testament to the lasting impact of Sudha’s vision and dedication.

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