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The Evolving Role of Indian Ulema in Shaping a Progressive Muslim Narrative

In recent years, a heartening development in religious circles has been the resilience of Indian Ulema against extremist ideologies. Except for a few fringe voices, the Indian Muslim community has staunchly resisted the siren calls of groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, steadfastly rejecting their radical ideologies.

Historically, Indian Ulema has played a pivotal role in guiding and uniting the masses for national causes. Their unwavering commitment has often led them to sacrifice personal freedom, even facing the gallows or lengthy imprisonments. During the tumultuous period when the Muslim League advocated the ill-fated two-nation theory, the Ulema stood as a bulwark against separatism, choosing the unity of Hindustan over division.

Similarly, when the ‘global jihad’ beckoned in Afghanistan during the 1980s, approximately 100,000 volunteers worldwide answered the call – but none hailed from India.

However, is the role of the Ulema complete? Should they not embark on a mission to weave a new narrative that benefits Muslims and Islam?

The modernization of madrasas is another pressing concern. Many remain bastions of stagnation and deprivation in Muslim thought. Instead of waiting for government intervention, Ulema should advocate for creating state-level madrasa boards and comprehensive reforms within seminaries.

Furthermore, Ulema’s participation in electoral politics should come with a pledge to refrain from exploiting Islam or invoking prominent Islamic figures for electoral gains.

Living in a diverse and vibrant society, Indian Muslims should champion this pluralism, emphasizing the Sufi tradition as the soul of Indian Islam. Active endorsement and participation in festivities of other religions should be encouraged, fostering harmony rather than tension.

In conclusion, these steps represent the beginning of a new narrative for Indian Muslims. The Ulema must strive for the betterment of their community and nation, embracing their pivotal role in shaping a progressive and inclusive future.

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