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The Heroic Sacrifice of Jatindra Nath Das: A Tale of Resilience and India’s Struggle for Freedom

Jatindra Nath Das's heroic sacrifice serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of India's freedom fighters.

The charge against the British Government was severe: they had remained indifferent while human lives hung in the balance. This accusation was eloquently voiced by Pandit Motilal Nehru in the Legislative Assembly on 14 September 1929, just a day after Jatindra Nath Das succumbed to his 63-day hunger strike. Jatindra Nath Das was not an ordinary man; he was a fearless freedom fighter who had dared to stand against the inhuman conditions faced by Indian revolutionaries incarcerated in British colonial jails.

The Cry for Justice: Bhagat Singh and Comrades

In a letter dated 28 January 1930, Bhagat Singh and his comrades penned a heartfelt plea to the Government. They highlighted the brutal punishments inflicted on their fellow freedom fighters in various jails across India. Sardar Kabul Singh, Sardar Gopal Singh, Master Mota Singh, Raj Kumar Sinha, Sachindra Nath Bukshi, Monmotho Nath Gupta, and others were subjected to vindictive measures for participating in the hunger strike. Prisoners faced longer sentences, removal from the Special Class, and loss of privileges.

The Inhuman Force-Feeding Attempt

The British Government, determined to suppress the hunger strike, resorted to force-feeding Jatindra Nath Das. This brutal act resulted in internal injuries and physical suffering for Jatindra Das. However, his unwavering resolve remained unbroken.

The Hero’s Demise: Jatindra Nath Das Passes Away

Despite the immense hardships he endured, Jatindra Nath Das remained resolute. He passed away on 13 September after 63 days of an unyielding hunger strike. Astonishingly, his sacrifice did not go in vain. It infused fresh energy and determination among Indians, reigniting the flames of freedom.

Conclusion: The Legacy of Jatindra Nath Das

Jatindra Nath Das’s heroic sacrifice serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of India’s freedom fighters. His resilience in the face of adversity and the brutal force-feeding attempts by the British Government make his story a testament to the unwavering commitment of those who fought for India’s independence.

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