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The Pampore’s lone existing Teeli Waeen

Ghulam Mohammad Wani upholds the tradition of ox-powered oil mills.

Ghulam Mohammad Wani is dedicated to preserving the ancient way of generating oil through oxen-powered mills. In the small town of Pampore in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Wani’s mill is the lone remaining “Teeli Waeen” in the area.

More modern and efficient production methods have replaced Teeli Waeens, which were once common in Pampore and other parts of the region. Despite this, Wani has refused to abandon the traditional method passed down through his family for generations. He maintains a small herd of oxen for use in the oil mill and takes great care to ensure they are well-fed and treated.

The process of producing oil using a Teeli Waeen is labour-intensive and time-consuming, but Wani is proud of his product. The oil produced at his mill is high quality and in demand among local consumers. Wani’s dedication to preserving this traditional method of production is admirable, and his efforts help to keep a piece of history alive in the modern world.

His dedication to maintaining this portion of history and ensuring that this ancient method of production does not become extinct is admirable.

In addition to producing oil, Wani’s Teeli Waeen serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Pampore and the surrounding region. It is a rich culture presenting a centuries-old manufacturing technique. Visitors to the mill can watch the process of oil production and learn about the history of Teeli Waeen.

I am not reliant on my children, he stated.

He uses Kashmiri mustard, which is grown to create natural oil. The people from different areas of south Kashmir, including Pulwama Shopian, Anantnag, and Srinagar, acquire the oil from him at prices higher than the market cost of Rs 400\liter. “It is good for cooking, massage of bones and muscles, and hair,” as Ghulam Mohammad claimed.

In a time when technology and modernization are advancing rapidly, it is important to remember and preserve the traditional methods and practices of the past.

We should not forget the contributions of the Teeli Waeen to the cultural heritage of Pampore and the surrounding territory.

The Teeli Waeen is more than just an oil mill – it is a symbol of the resilience and determination of one man to keep a piece of history alive.

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