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Vidya Tamkhane: The Kabaddi Journey that Transformed Lives

Vidya's role with Magic Bus went beyond coaching Kabaddi; it empowered her to step further outside her comfort zone.

There was a time when Vidya Tamkhane was hesitant to venture beyond the confines of her home. Her world seemed limited, and the traditional expectations of her future were confined to a predefined path. However, a pivotal moment in her life would alter the course of her destiny.

A Determined Path

Vidya’s newfound love for Kabaddi catalyzed a remarkable shift in her perspective. She resolved not to conform to societal norms that dictated her choices, especially regarding marriage. Instead, she became determined to make decisions, challenge stereotypes, and pursue her ambitions.

A Paradigm Shift

Vidya’s story challenges the prevailing notion that boys should prioritize work for the sake of providing for their families while girls are expected to seek husbands with secure government jobs. Her brother’s unwavering support played a pivotal role in altering this paradigm. 

Beyond Comfort Zones

Vidya’s role with Magic Bus went beyond coaching Kabaddi; it empowered her to step further outside her comfort zone. She acquired the skills to effectively communicate with school principals about the value of sports-for-development and life skills education programs offered by Magic Bus. 

A Collective Vision

Vidya was not alone in her mission to empower girls through sports and life skills education. She was one of six female kabaddi coaches with similar backgrounds and ages, ranging from 23 to 25. The other coaches, Komal Pachare, Nilam Verma, Shital Borkar, Poornima Chandekar, and Reema Khushwah, shared her goals and passion. 

Magic Bus’ Impact

Magic Bus, founded by Matthew Spacie in 1999, has transformed the lives of over one million adolescents in India over the past two decades. Currently, it reaches 394,206 adolescents across 2,770 schools.

Vidya Tamkhane: A Mentorship Revolution

Magic Bus’ approach evolved, emphasizing mentorship. The organization now implements a sports and activity-based life skills program to equip adolescents with essential life skills for a smoother transition from school to the workforce. It operates in 24 states across 72 districts in India.

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