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All India Momin Conference: Uplifting Weaver Caste and Challenging

The All India Momin Conference (AIMC) emerged as a pioneering force in modern India, reshaping the mindset of the weaver/Ansari/Momin/Jolaha caste. Led by influential figures such as Professor Hafiz Shamsuddin Ahmad Shams and Maulana Hafiz Abdullah Ghazipuri, the AIMC galvanized a movement to defy the dominion of upper castes among Muslims.

Originating in Kolkata in 1912 with the establishment of Jamiat-al-Momineen, the conference extended its reach nationwide, inspiring similar associations.

Ashfaque Husain Ansari, a former Member of Parliament, chronicles this transformative journey in his authoritative work, “Documentary History of Momin Conference” (2000).

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