Bhimgarh Fort

Bhimgarh Fort, generally known as the Reasi Fort, is near Reasi, a town approximately 64 km northwest of Jammu. The fort is on a hillock approximately 150 meters high. Initially, it was constructed of clay by Rajput king Bhimdev Rasyal Of Reasi. Later on, one of the heirs of Raja Rishipal Rana reconstructed it using stone. The royal family members used it to take shelter during emergencies. 

The main entrance gate was constructed of Baluka stones with carvings. There are gaps in the front wall. This shrine has statues of the Goddess Mahakali and the God Hanuman. The fort has a temple, a pond, rooms of different sizes, an armory, and a treasury. A new entry gate and a stone wall one m wide and 50 m long were built all around, making it less vulnerable to attacks.

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