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Calligraphy Artistry in Nia: Mohammad Jibran and Syed Shabbir

Mohammad Zibran and Syed Shabbir's recent exhibition at Srinagar's Kashmir Arts Emporium on August 5 showcased the region's rich artistic tapestry.

Hundreds of people across Nia are known for their different types of skills. A skill in which letters are written very beautifully. Due to the blessing of one such skill, they are evergreen. I am talking about Calligraphy Artists Mohammad Jibran and Syed Shabbir, who belong to Jammu and Kashmir.

The Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy, often regarded as the art of beautiful writing, holds a special place in cultures worldwide. This ancient art form has thrived in Nia for generations, passing down the exquisite lettering and design tradition.

Mohammad Jibran: The Calligraphy Maestro

Mohammad Jibran, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir, found his true calling in the intricate world of calligraphy. What began as a simple hobby soon transformed into a lifelong passion. Jibran’s calligraphy journey led him to create stunning 3D representations of iconic landmarks like Mecca Tower, Khan-e-Kaaba, Taj Mahal, and ‘Al-Madinah Munawwara.

An unexpected accident changed his life, steering him towards calligraphy and 3D art as a means of healing and self-expression. Jibran’s dedication saw him progress from writing Khushakhat to crafting the verses of the holy Quran with his own hands, a remarkable feat achieved in just two years.

Mohammad Zibran and Syed Shabbir
Mohammad Jibran (Photos by DNN24)

Syed Shabbir: The Calligraphy Virtuoso

Syed Shabbir, a proud son of the Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir, is another expert calligraphy artist who has mastered the artistry of letters. In the Shabbir household, calligraphy flows through eight generations, a testament to their deep-rooted passion for this mesmerizing craft.

Shabbir’s unique talent lies in the intricate beauty of his handwritten Quranic verses. Each stroke of his pen conveys respect and exudes profound beauty, leaving viewers in awe of his craftsmanship.

Mohammad Zibran and Syed Shabbir
Syed Shabbir (Photos by DNN24)

The Calligraphy Exhibition

The Director of Handicrafts and handloom initiated a calligraphy exhibition that showcased the best of Nia’s calligraphy talent. The exhibition near the famous Abdullah Bridge in Srinagar was a visual feast for art enthusiasts.

Visitors were treated to unique examples of calligraphy, each piece telling a story of skill and dedication. The exhibition’s ambience was adorned with the artistic prowess of Muhammad Jibran’s 3D toy creations and Syed Shabbir’s breathtaking calligraphy.

Muhammad Jibran’s 3D Toy Creations

Muhammad Jibran’s artistic journey began with a twist of fate. His accident prompted him to explore the world of calligraphy and 3D art. His creations, including miniature Mecca Towers and Taj Mahals, breathe life into paper and are a testament to his dedication and imagination.

Syed Shabbir’s Quranic Verses

Syed Shabbir’s calligraphy elevates the written word to a divine level. His lovingly handwritten Quranic verses, a labor of love and reverence, embody artistry. Each curve of the letters reflects his deep connection with the words of Islam’s holy book.

Mohammad Jibran and Syed Shabbir The Generational Artistry

The art of calligraphy runs deep in the veins of Mohammad Jibran and Syed Shabbir’s families. Eight generations of penmanship have nurtured and preserved this invaluable heritage, ensuring its continuity and growth.

Mohammad Zibran and Syed Shabbir
Calligraphy (Photos by DNN24)

The ‘Know Your Artisan’ Initiative

The ‘Know Your Artisan’ initiative aims to celebrate the cultural heritage of Nia. Mohammad Jibran and Syed Shabbir’s recent exhibition at Srinagar’s Kashmir Arts Emporium on August 5 showcased the region’s rich artistic tapestry.

The exhibition was a testament to Muhammad Jibran’s creative genius, showcasing his magnificent 3D toy creations. Syed Shabbir’s calligraphy added an air of grace and profound.

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