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Christmas also offers joy to Kashmiri artists

The lifting of the lockdown after two years of COVID has resulted in “Christmas trees, balls, stars, and bells,” he told Awaz-the Voice from his Zadibal office.

“Art connoisseurs from Europe and the Middle East place requests for Easter eggs, Christmas tree stars, camel figurines, Turkish, and other exotic patterns,” a Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir official explained.

Aside from other hanging objects, several other goods are made, such as hanging balls, hanging bells, birds, and animal forms, which find a market within the country and the world outside, according to Fayaz Ahmad Jan from the city’s Hassanabad neighborhood. wonderful Christmas celebrations worldwide and substantial financial benefits for Kashmir’s artisans and artifact houses.

Among all traditional Kashmiri art and craft products, paper-maché objects like balls, stars, and Christmas trees used in house decorating and the traditional Christmas tree were in high demand in Europe and America.

Amjad Ali, the owner of Shah Handicrafts, told Awaz-The Voice that he had engaged over 250 artisans over the last six months to finish orders totaling approximately 2 lakh items.

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