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Folk dance and music dominated Pahalgam’s ‘Chillai Kalan’ celebration

Local cultural organization ‘Vomed’ collaborated with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC) to organize a one-day Chillai Kalan festival on Wednesday. The event was held at the tourist destination of Pahalgam in the Anantnag district of South Kashmir to promote tourism, especially in winter.

‘Chillai Kalan’ is Kashmir’s harshest 40-day winter period, during which temperatures drop below freezing at night and severe cold during the day. A festival highlight was Prena Bhatt, a celebrity guest from Mumbai who attended the event alongside locals and tourists. Prerna Bhat says: Despite my busy schedule, I accepted the invitation because I wanted to visit my native Kashmir. There is no better news than receiving an invitation to Kashmir. She feels very blessed.

A diversified musical program that will appeal to both locals and tourists. Tourist Sanika Durrani visited Kashmir for the first time. “I feel perfect,” he said. We arrived on Tuesday. Fortunately, this event took place on Wednesday. We went to the place, and I was there. It’s nice to be able to watch traditional dances and shows.

According to its founder ‘Vomedh,’ the festival aims to showcase the potential of Pahalgam in winter as a summer destination. Comedy founder Rohit Bhat said: We have specially organized a film festival in Kashmir. We worked on language. We hold events throughout the year. Our guru, Rakesh Roshan Bhatt ji, said that in Pahalgam, he would conclude the film as an event of the year by planning a festival on December 21 (the day Mirch Kalan starts).

Locals in Pahalgam tourism appreciated the initiative as it promotes winter tourism in the region. Resident Mohammad Arif said: Considering the changing weather in winter, celebrating Chilay Kallang here is a good move. Anyone can express themselves through music. Each type of emotion is identified with a specific climate. Likewise, this year we celebrated the Chilai Karang Festival.

Locals said they are confident that such activities will increase the number of tourists visiting Pahalgam in winter. Another local Raza said: Invited by Rohit ji. Thank them. It’s also good for tourism, especially given the myth that the Kashmir Valley is isolated from the rest of the country, especially during the winter.”

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