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Darangiri: Asia’s Largest Banana Retail Hub

Darangiri is a prime example of how a small market can become a significant player in the global banana trade.

Darangiri, a small market near National Highway No.37 in the Goalpara district of Assam state, India, is Asia’s largest banana retail hub. Despite being a small market, it attracts many customers from different parts of the country during the peak season of September-October. In this article, we will explore the fascinating story of Darangiri and its importance in the banana trade.

The Origin of Darangiri:

The history of Darangiri can be traced back to the early 1980s when a few local farmers started cultivating bananas on a small scale. As the demand for bananas increased, more and more farmers started growing bananas, and the market began to expand. Today, over 1000 farmers in the surrounding areas supply bananas to the market. The name Darangiri is believed to have originated from the Assamese word “dara,” which means banana, and “Nagari,” which means demand.

The Banana Varieties:

Darangiri is known for its wide variety of bananas. The market offers more than 15 varieties of bananas, including popular ones like Rasthali, Sabri, Amritsagar, Karpuravalli, and Robusta. The Rasthali banana, considered one of the sweetest and tastiest varieties, is in high demand and most sought-after by customers. The market also offers specific types of bananas, like “Ice Cream,” which have a creamy texture and a unique taste.

The Peak Season:

Although bananas are available around the year, the peak season for banana sales in Darangiri is September-October. An average of 50 truckloads of bananas are sold daily during this time. The market attracts many customers from different parts of the country, including neighbouring states like Meghalaya and West Bengal. A call is a bustling place during the peak season, with buyers and sellers negotiating prices and making deals.

The Distribution Network:

Darangiri’s well-established distribution network ensures that bananas reach different parts of the country. The bananas are brought to the market in small trucks and then sorted and packed into larger trucks for transportation. The market also has a railway station nearby, which makes it easier for bananas to be transported to distant places. The bananas are packed in wooden crates and covered with hay to prevent damage during transportation.

The Role of Technology:

With the increasing demand for bananas, the market has adopted modern technology to improve the quality of bananas and increase productivity. Farmers are provided with training and education on modern farming techniques, and they use high-quality fertilizers and pesticides to enhance the yield of bananas. The market also has a testing lab where bananas are tested for quality and ripeness. This helps to ensure that only high-quality bananas are sold to customers.

The Impact on the Local Economy:

Darangiri has a significant impact on the local economy. It provides employment opportunities to many people, including farmers, traders, and labourers. The market also generates revenue for the local government through taxes and fees. The market’s success has encouraged more farmers to take up banana farming, increasing agricultural productivity and income. The market has also helped promote the region’s culture and heritage, making it a popular tourist destination.


In conclusion, Darangiri is a prime example of how a small market can become a significant player in the global banana trade. The market’s success is due to the hard work and dedication of local farmers and traders, who have worked tirelessly to build a world-class retail hub. The market’s impact.

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