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Empowering Change: Sherghati’s Trailblazing Sisters Making History in Medicine

Family's success reaches new heights as Imran Ali receives the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award 2023 in New Delhi on May 21.

In the heart of Bihar’s Gaya district lies Sherghati, a town once overshadowed by the specter of Naxal insurgency. However, the narrative is swiftly changing for all the right reasons. Imran Ali, a local artist, and his wife, Zareen Kausar, are basking in the pride of their three daughters—Bushra, Saadia, and Anam—pioneering a remarkable journey into the field of medicine. Their story is extraordinary because they are the first from a middle-class Muslim family in the district to attain such a feat.

Bushra Leads the Way: A Young Trailblazer in NEET

In the recent NEET examination, Bushra, the youngest among the Ali sisters, emerged victorious, securing her place in Medical College. This triumph mirrors the achievements of her elder sisters, Saadia and Anam, setting an inspiring precedent for aspiring students in the region.

Aman Imran’s Pursuit of Excellence: Charting New Territories in Homeopathy

Aman Imran, the eldest of the siblings, is carving her path by pursuing a doctorate at the prestigious National Institute of Homeopathy (NIH) in Kolkata. This choice places her among the ranks of top medical scholars in the country, marking a significant milestone for the family and the town of Sherghati.

Sadia Emala: A Final Year Journey in Homeopathic Medicine

The second daughter, Sadia Emala, is on the verge of completing her degree at Mahesh Bhattacharya Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. The family’s commitment to homeopathy is evident as Bushra herself secures a spot in the Government Homeopathy Medical College and Hospital, reinforcing their dedication to holistic healthcare.

Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award 2023: A Recognition of Imran Ali’s Contribution

Beyond the individual achievements, the Ali family’s success reaches new heights as Imran Ali receives the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award 2023 in New Delhi on May 21. This recognition honors Imran Ali’s contributions to the artistic realm and serves as a symbol of empowerment for the entire Sherghati community.

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