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Empowering Women in Agriculture: Rashida Khatoon’s Organic Farming Success Story

In the heart of Bihudia village in central Assam, a remarkable woman stands out, not for her attire, but for her extraordinary agricultural achievements. Rashida Khatoonn, draped in a two-piece Sari with a headscarf, may resemble any other village woman tending to her fields, but she is far from ordinary. She’s a leading woman farmer breaking gender barriers and reshaping the agricultural landscape in Assam.

Rashida Khatoon: A Trailblazing Woman Farmer

Tashida Khatoon, a native of the Dalgaon agricultural circle in Assam’s Darang district, is the proud owner of a company that sells organic produce in India and abroad. Her story is one of determination, resilience, and a commitment to transforming the perception that agriculture is solely a male-dominated domain.

The Journey Begins: A Transition into Agriculture

Tashida’s journey into agriculture began in 2007, driven by the need to support her family when her husband fell ill. At that time, she had no prior knowledge of farming. Undeterred, she sought training from a neighboring farmer, equipping herself with the essential skills to embark on this transformative path.

Cultivating Success: From Cauliflower to Diverse Vegetables

Initially, Tashida started her agricultural venture by cultivating cauliflower on just two bighas of land. To her astonishment, she earned Rs. 70,000 from a single crop. This early success spurred her to diversify her produce. She expanded into growing various vegetables on her land as well as through contract farming, and today, she manages ten bighas of land.

Support and Resilience: Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Despite the challenges she faced, Tashida acknowledges that her gender was never an obstacle in her farming journey. She credits her success to the unwavering support she received from her community and family, debunking the notion that agriculture is exclusively a male stronghold.


Tashida Khatoon’s extraordinary journey from a novice farmer to a thriving agricultural entrepreneur is an inspiring testament to the potential of women in agriculture. Her determination, hard work, and commitment to organic farming have not only transformed her life but have also paved the way for economic empowerment and gender equality in her community. Tashida’s story serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating that anyone, regardless of gender, can excel in the world of agriculture with dedication and support.

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