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Expert Art Conservationist Maimuna Nargis

Nargis is not only a master conservator but also a tireless advocate for India's heritage art and construction.

In art conservation, one name stands out as a beacon of expertise and dedication. Maimuna Nargis, a true maestro in her field, has undertaken the conservation of exhibits in 16 museums across Rajasthan. Her remarkable work is not merely about restoration; it’s a profound journey of revitalizing India’s heritage.

Reviving a 400-Year-Old Bhagwad Gita Scroll

Maimuna Nargis, in a conversation with Awaz-the Voice, revealed a remarkable feat. She meticulously joined the pieces of a 400-year-old, 67-foot-long scroll of Bhagwad Gita, which had suffered the ravages of time. Her expertise in restoring this invaluable artifact to its former glory is astonishing.

The Restoration of a 700-Year-Old Quran in Gold

In another extraordinary endeavor, Maimuna undertook the challenging task of conserving a 700-year-old Quran written in gold. Her dedication to preserving the intricacies and significance of this historical document is a testament to her unparalleled skills.

Resurrecting the 400-Year-Old Chariot of Ludrava

An iconic 400-year-old chariot housed in the famous Jain temple of Ludrava, Jaisalmer, was facing a dire fate due to termite damage. Maimuna Nargis took on the challenge of restoring this cultural gem. 

Piecing Together the Palitana Canvas

Maimuna’s expertise shines through in every project she takes on. She pieced together a 200-year-old, 15-foot Palitana canvas painting torn into small pieces while at the Mumbai airport.

Conservation of Miniature Paintings and Taxidermy

Maimuna’s talents extend beyond paper and paintings. She has also contributed to the conservation of miniature paintings made on mica, showcased at the Kota Museum. Furthermore, her work extends to preserving taxidermy animals, birds, and reptiles, including lions, pythons, crocodiles, deer, leopards, bears, monkeys, and orangutans.

A Champion for India’s Heritage

Maimuna Nargis is not only a master conservator but also a tireless advocate for India’s heritage art and construction. She actively contributes to raising awareness about the nation’s rich artistic legacy. Through her writings and organizing workshops and seminars, she empowers and educates the general public about their crucial role in conserving India’s heritage, as seen in its buildings and museum exhibits.

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