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Growing Epidemic of Chronic Diseases: A Call to Combat Diabetes

A Call to Combat Diabetes: Recent studies reveal that although the pandemic has subsided, the epidemic of chronic diseases is rapidly escalating. India, in particular, faces a staggering challenge, with a study published in the renowned Lancet journal by the ICMR indicating a shocking 101 million individuals living with diabetes.

At the same time, an additional 136 million teeter on the precipice of developing the disease as prediabetic individuals. To effectively confront this diabetes crisis, we must intensify our efforts, beginning with immediate lifestyle changes, particularly in our dietary choices.

Mindfully incorporating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes into our meals can serve as a preventative measure against diabetes. For those grappling with diabetes, skillful disease management can safeguard against numerous complications.

For a detailed story, visit: Hindustan Times

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