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Hotels In Kashmir Set To Expand Into Remote Regions, says Mushtaq Chaya

According to Mushtaq Chaya, President of the Jammu and Kashmir Hotelier Club, a remarkable transformation is sweeping through the Union Territory’s hotel industry. Just two years ago, it lay on the brink of collapse, plagued by decades of turmoil fueled by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, which deterred tourists for nearly thirty years. However, the scenario drastically changed after August 5, 2019, when special status was revoked from Jammu and Kashmir and with the easing of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Tourists began thronging back to the region, breathing life into the once-desolate hotels. Now, the hoteliers are seizing the opportunity by investing in extensive renovations to offer modern amenities and entice more visitors to experience the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir.

The hotel industry of the Union Territory, which was on the deathbed, has experienced a remarkable revival and returned to its former glory, all thanks to the recent influx of tourists. This surge in visitors has breathed new life into the hotels, propelling them to revive their infrastructure and upgrade their amenities to cater to the demands of modern-day tourists. As Hotels in Kashmir eagerly embrace these changes, they are ensuring a memorable and comfortable experience for all their guests.

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