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Ishrat Hussain Shah: The Rising Star of Kashmir’s Folk Music Scene

In the heart of the picturesque Kashmir valley, a young sensation is capturing hearts with the soul-stirring melodies of Kashmiri folk songs. Meet Ishrat Hussain Shah, a talented artist in his early 20s who has become a household name across Kashmir. This article delves into Ishrat’s journey, his dedication to preserving and reviving Kashmiri folk music, and his dreams of taking this mesmerizing art form to Bollywood and beyond.

A Musical Prodigy in the Making 

Early Beginnings 

Ishrat’s journey into the enchanting world of music began at an early age. Raised in the quaint town of Rafiabad in the Baramulla district, Kashmir, he was destined for musical greatness. His father, Abdul Rasheed, a seasoned folk musician with decades of experience, played a pivotal role in nurturing Ishrat’s talent.

A Musical Inheritance 

Under the loving guidance of his father, Ishrat learned the intricacies of Kashmiri folk music. He inherited the melodies and the rich cultural heritage embedded in each note. This musical inheritance formed the foundation of his artistic journey.

Reviving Kashmiri Folk Music 

Preserving Cultural Treasures 

Ishrat Hussain Shah is more than just a singer; he is a cultural custodian. With unwavering dedication, he has taken upon himself the noble task of preserving and reviving Kashmiri folk songs that were on the brink of fading into oblivion. Through his performances, he breathes new life into the age-old tunes that resonate with the people of Kashmir.

Reviving Kashmiri Folk Music (Photos by DNN24)

Singing His Way into Hearts 

Ishrat’s performances have become a regular feature at various events and functions in Kashmir. His musical renditions can transport audiences to a world where tradition meets contemporary allure. The magic of his voice is felt deep within the soul.

Family’s Unwavering Support 

Behind every successful artist is a support system that believes in their dreams. Ishrat has been fortunate to have an unwavering support system, especially from his family. Their encouragement and guidance have been his pillars of strength on this musical journey.

The Social Media Sensation 

A Digital Presence 

In the age of social media, talent knows no bounds. Ishrat’s enchanting performances have garnered a substantial following on various social media platforms. With over 100k followers, he has become a sensation in the digital world, spreading the magic of Kashmiri folk music far and wide.

Aiming for the Stars 

From the Valley to Bollywood 

Ishrat Hussain Shah aspires to take the soulful tunes of Kashmiri folk music beyond the valley. His dream is to make Bollywood resonate with the heartwarming melodies that have been a part of Kashmir’s rich heritage for centuries. He envisions a day when the world will sway to the tunes of his homeland.

Social Media Sensation (Photos by DNN24)

Spreading Kashmiri Folk Music Worldwide

Beyond Bollywood, Ishrat’s ambition knows no bounds. He aims to make Kashmiri folk music famous not just in India but across the globe. His determination to share the beauty of this art form with the world is nothing short of inspiring.


In his early 20s, Ishrat Hussain Shah emerged as a singing sensation, breathing life into Kashmiri folk music. His journey from a small town in Kashmir to the digital stage is a testament to his passion and talent. With the unwavering support of his family and a growing legion of fans, Ishrat’s dream of taking Kashmiri folk music to Bollywood and the global stage seems more achievable than ever.

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